Bishop Marc Anthony Thomas, Sr.

Jurisdictional Prelate

Bishop Marc Anthony Thomas, Sr., was born, August 1, 1970, to Bishop Ted G. Thomas, Sr., General Board Member, Church Of God In Christ, Inc and Mother Charletta Virginia Clifton Thomas of Chesapeake, Virginia.  There he was reared in the fear and admonition of the Lord, acquiring both his primary and secondary education.  Bishop Thomas went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications (1994) and a Master of Arts degree in Education (1997) from Norfolk State University.

Above all else, Bishop Thomas is a loving husband and a caring father.  He is married to his bride of over 24 years, Evangelist Naomi K. Thomas.  They are the proud parents of four handsome sons; Marc Anthony Thomas, Jr., Evan Fitzgerald Thomas, Aaron Xavier Gera Thomas and William Marson Simuel Thomas.

In the secular realm Bishop Thomas was a former educator for the Chesapeake Public Schools System (1993-2006).  Presently, Bishop Thomas is serving as an Administrative Liaison for CMC Holdings, Inc., A dual family enterprise which owns Carver Memorial Cemetery, Suffolk, Virginia.

Bishop Thomas is Saved, Sanctified and Filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. Thus, God has anointed him to become a well sought after preacher, teacher, musician, songwriter and producer. Bishop Thomas is also the CEO of Corinthian Music Worx, a privately owned, faith based music and media publishing company.

As a fourth generation Church Of God In Christ preacher, Bishop Thomas sincerely loves God, His people and the work of ministry.  At present, Bishop Thomas serves as the Pastor of New Community Temple COGIC, Portsmouth, Virginia.  In the national work, Bishop Thomas served as a National Adjutant Overseer (2014-2020). On Sunday, November 12, 2017 in St. Louis, MO at the close of the International Holy Convocation, Bishop Marc Anthony Thomas, Sr., was consecrated to the office of Auxiliary Bishop, Virginia First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Church Of God In Christ, Inc.  On October 30, 2021 upon the demise of his father, the late General Board Member, Bishop Ted G Thomas, Sr., Bishop Marc Anthony Thomas was selected to serve as Jurisdictional Prelate, the eighth in succession, Historic Virginia First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Church Of God In Christ.