Youth Department

The Jurisdictional Youth Department is led by President Kelsey Little of Chesapeake, VA, Chairlady Jordan Mitchell of Virginia Beach, VA, Vice President Frederick Edmonds of Norfolk, VA, and Assistant Chairlady Paige Edmonds of Norfolk, VA.

Sunday School Department

The Jurisdictional Sunday School Department is led by Supt. Kenneth Hackett of Manassas, VA and Field Rep Toni Jenkins of Norfolk, VA.

Missions Department

The Jurisdictional Missions Department is led by President Philip Neubia of Williamsburg, VA and Vice President Katrina Thompson of Portsmouth, VA.

Evangelism Department

The Jurisdictional Evangelism Department is led by President Samuel Smith of Onacok, VA, Vice President Michael Jenkins of Norfolk, VA, and Elect Lady Irether Sanford of Butner, NC.

Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM)

The Jurisdictional AIM is led by Chairman William T. Coles of Charlottesville, VA and Assistant Chairman Kelsey Little of Chesapeake, VA.


The Jurisdictional Adjutancy is led by Overseer Gregory White of Portsmouth, VA, Assistant Chief Gregory Wilcox of Manassas, VA, and Lead Sister Shirley Dotson.

Urban Initiatives

The Jurisdictional Urban Initiatives is led by Pastor Alex Boyd of Richmond, VA.