Welcome to the First Jurisdiction of Virginia

The Historic First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia is led by General Board Member Bishop Ted G. Thomas, Sr.  Established in 1914 by our founder, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, the Church Of God In Christ in Virginia has continued to flourish throughout the years.  Whether you live in the North, South, East or West, the Church Of God In Christ in Virginia is here to minister to you and your family.

106th Holy Convocation

You can tune into the 106th Holy Convocation via the following sites:

Live Stream | Facebook Live | YouTube

Department of Women

The Women’s Department of First Jurisdiction is led by Supervisor Mother Nellie M. Townes of Suffolk, Virginia.

Pastors & Elders

The Jurisdictional Pastors & Elders’ Council is led by Chairman Christopher Thomas of Portsmouth, Virginia.

Music Department

The Jurisdictional Music Department is led by Evangelist Naomi Kim Thomas of Chesapeake, Virginia.

Youth Department

The Jurisdictional Youth Department is led by President James Blackwell of Lawrenceville, VA, Chairlady Cleo Wilson of Chesapeak, VA, and Vice President Eugene McCown of Manassas, VA.

Sunday School Department

The Jurisdictional Sunday School Department is led by Supt. Kenneth Hackett of Manassas, VA and Field Rep Gaynelle Burton of Virginia Beach, VA.

Missions Department

The Jurisdictional Missions Department is led by President Floyd Hawkins of Alexandria, VA and Vice President Linda Johnson of Norfolk, VA.

Evangelism Department

The Jurisdictional Evangelism Department is led by President Calvin Harris of Richmond, VA and Elect Lady Irether Sanford of Butner, NC.

Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM)

The Jurisdictional AIM is led by Chairman William T. Coles of Charlottesville, VA.


The Jurisdictional Adjutancy is led by Overseer Marc A. Thomas, Sr.

Urban Initiatives

The Jurisdictional Urban Initiatives is led by Pastor Alex Boyd of Richmond, VA.